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Valuations & Viewings


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If you are thinking;

"how much is my house worth?"

"how is my home going to sell in the current market / climate?"

"my house is not selling / renting with my current agent"

or if you want to view a property,

then check out our guide to virtual appointments with SA Property;



  1. We never need to meet - you can call us, email us or contact us through our website in the first instance to discuss booking a valuation, just the same as you would under normal circumstances 

  2. Details - we will ask you about your property to get as much information as possible, so that when we carry out our virtual appointment, we can give you tailored / bespoke advice.We will also ask you to confirm a date and time to carry out the virtual appointment, giving you advice on how to show your home in the best possible light

  3. Preferred method of appointment - choose your preferred method for a virtual valuation, Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook or FaceTime

  4. Virtual appointment - we will then contact you via your preferred method and run through a marketing plan with you, talking about how we work under these circumstances. We will talk you through a marketing plan, how do do virtual viewings, what happens if a virtual viewer likes your home

  5. Decision - The virtual valuation will end as we ask you if you wish to proceed. We will give you  instructions on what to do to instruct us to market your home for sale or for rent


We will try to make the decision making process that you will be facing

as informative and as stress free as possible



  1. Contact - once you have determined which property you would like to view further, then please get in touch via phone, email or contact us through our website in the first instance so that we can arrange a virtual appointment with the sellers / landlords

  2. Details - we will still take all of your details just as we would on a physical viewing

  3. Preferred method of appointment - choose your preferred method for a virtual viewing; Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook or FaceTime, so that once an arrangement has been made with the sellers / landlords, we can contact you back

  4. Virtual appointment - we will then contact ou via your preferred method and walk you though the property

  5. Decision - once the viewing has taken place, we will contact you again via your preferred method to gain feedback to pass onto the owners. We will then discuss future options with you


For viewers (sales or rentals), you can:

  1. Create property alerts (via website or app) to be able to find your ideal home as soon as it comes onto the market                                          

  2. Book viewings online

  3. Make offers online

  4. Keep in touch via email

  5. Track your favourite properties / viewings or offers via client areas


Mobile App Now Available!