Property Maintenance


Maintaining your own property or rented property is vital to helping it keep its value

and avoid any issues that if not dealt with could become costly.

Check out our TOP TIPS for maintaining your home below;


  1. Ladders - make sure fallen leaves & debris haven’t blocked the gutters, leading to water pouring down the outside walls and producing damp patches. While you’re up the ladder, remove moss from the roof, replace broken tiles and check for any other ovious signs of repair. Paint the exterior to keep the damp out

  2. Windows - clean and monitor your windows to ensure the keep doing the job of keeping the elements out. When seals start to fail, then misting can occur or worse water ingress and damp. Keep on top of windows as they can be an expensive replacement

  3. TOP TIP - Boiler - Selling or renting, it is vital to keep your boiler in order, as it can be costly if not. (legal requirement for annual gas checks for landlords). Most gas suppliers have a scheme, where they will mainatin your boiler for a subscription. Keeping up with your boiler and checking it will also mean no nasty surprises if you only turn it on occasionally


Is your house on the market? Have you had negative feedback regarding maintenance or "too much work"?

Look at your property with a critical eye, what do you see that would put someone off?

Are there things that you can do or should you get someone in to look at doing the jobs?

TOP TIP - REMEMBER - you are looking to sell or rent possibly your largest financial asset, DO NOT CUT CORNERS, if you want to maximise profit, ensure that the survey goes well or keep tenants happy then do a good job. Get the professionals in, people can see if something has been "bodged" and will make you pay in the long run, so get it done right in the first place.


Your maintenance jobs must be reflected in the price that you are asking,

for example if you are selling, decide before marketing whether you are going to do the jobs or

allow the purchaser to do the jobs and reflect it in the price.



Do you need advice on if your property is ready to market or needs some maintaining?

Get in touch and we can advise you on what you should be doing to maximise your chances of selling or renting and getting the best return possible



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