Fees & Charges:



Energy Performance Certificate - £99.00 plus VAT

- Every property needs one, whether for sale or rent, and is renewed every 10 years. Ours come with a floorplan

Gas Certificate - £55.00 plus VAT

- Solicitors, when dealing with a sale, often ask for a record 

Maintenance Work Handling Charge - £5.00 plus VAT

- A £5.00 handling charge for any maintenace or work carried out at your property that we have organised


Traditional Estate Agency

Selling Fee - 1.25% plus VAT

- The traditional and most popular way to sell your property. We will only charge you the selling fee if we get you moving


Online Agency

If you are looking to try and Sell it Yourself we offer 2 options:

Option 1 - Sell it Yourself - UPFRONT - £399 plus VAT

- An ideal option if you want to pay upfront, upload your own details and do your own viewings

- £399.00 is paid upon commencement of marketing

Option 2 - Sell it Yourself - PAY AS YOU GO - £99.00 plus VAT per month

 - An ideal option if you want to pay as you go

- We market the property, upload your own details and do your own viewings

- £99.00 plusVAT is paid upon commencement of marketing until 6 months of payments have been made

- If the property has not sold in 6 months then the process can restart



For information of landlords fees and charges; click here

For information of tenants fees and charges; click here 

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