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One of the best movements in technology to impact the world of estate agency (in my opinion), is the ability to review an estate agents performance.

In years gone by, how have people arrived at the decision to pick a particular agent to sell or rent their home?

Visiting all the agents on the high street, looking in the news paper maybe or possibly word of mouth from friends.

The online review community has made it possible for vendors not just to be able to tell a handful of their friends who may or may not be looking to move about their estate agents pro's and con's but it is now possible to be put in front of potentially thousands and thousands of potential customers .... Delivering our "A game", has never been so important, as trigger happy customers can post honest, transparent reviews.

The majority of people these days rarely make any kind of buying decision, without checking online for other peoples experiences and thoughts. Whether it be for a resaurant, hotel, clothing and yes more recently estate agents!

At SA Property, we are fully aware that the majority of our customers come to us from recommendations and that is why we are so passionate about going the extra mile to ensure that we havent just got happy customers, we have delighted customers, who are willing to tell the world about us!! We encourage, anyone, who has dealt or is currently dealing with us to post their thoughts on "Trustpilot" and we believe the results speak for themselves.

Check out our TRUSTPILOT reviews and if you are looking for an agent to sell or rent your home then you can rest assured that we are the agent for you, see what everyone else is saying







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