Selling Advice

Selling your home can be a stressful as well as daunting experience, here are some ideas on trying to make it as stress free as possible:


Have a plan;


• Try to get to grips with and know as much about what you want and need to do as possible.                                                         

• How much should you market your home for? (to be able to achieve the price you need to be able to buy the house that you want.)                 

• Is the house that you want on the market?

• When is the best time for you to market your home?                                                               

• When is best to carry out 

viewings at your home?                                                                                                                                       

• What will happen if you sell straight away or what about if it doesn’t sell?                                                                                                     

• Just have an idea of all of the "What ifs"


Do your homework;


• Once you have planned, its time to look into solving the "What ifs" and how will you deal with all that is involved. 

• Speak to estate agents and get advice.

• Is the price that you want to market for a good price?                                                                       

• Will it be well received by potential buyers or not, get advice.                                                                                                                   

• Which estate agent will represent your home in the best possible light for you?                                                                                         

• Which estate agent will suit your wants and needs the best?


Keep your feet on the ground; we often see that with all the planning in the world and all the best intentions; that it very rarely goes according to plan.

So our advice here is that choosing an estate agent that you feel comfortable with is often the most important factor as the journey with them may be a long and bumpy road


Timing of coming onto the market

This is another consideration when is best to launch your home onto the market for you and buyers? A lot of sellers look at Spring as the weather is getting better and traditionally a great time to be on the market.

However, this could be the exact reason to choose another time, spring tends to have a lot of people coming on the market, so competition is much tougher. Other seasons therefore offer sellers less competition as less property is coming onto the market.

If you are unsure of when is best for you and your circumstances and would like some more information on when the best time could possibly be to sell your home then feel free to contact us to talk through what would work best for you.

So the next step in our opinion is to research estate agents, get valuations and find out which one would be the best for you to work with?


Here are our TOP TIPS to consider;

  1. It's not all about the highest house price valuation and lowest selling agent fees. The process of marketing and attracting buyers is the most important aspect of any house coming onto the market, don’t forget to discuss this too

  2. How will the agent present your home or market it? In today's market, a well presented property and description are vital to capturing potential buyers who are in a position to proceed. Presentation is also vital to getting the best price

  3. What is the estate agents track record i.e... how many other similar properties have they sold? What prices have they achieved on the other sales? Did the other sales all actually move house?



Remember we said to have a plan? Well have a PLAN B too, as selling houses almost NEVER goes according to plan. What will you do if you are on the market for longer than anticipated? What will you do if you have loads of viewings but can not find a property to move to? What will you do if you have 0 viewings? Or worse, what will you do if you have lots of viewings and no offers or anyone wanting to buy your home?


TOP TIP – ask your agent, what is their backup plan or plan B

Here are a few thoughts to get you started;

  1. Think like a buyer – look at where your home is being advertised, would you view your home?

  2. What processes has your agent followed to promote it to as many people as possible? Do it again try to capture peoples interest

  3. Phone all potential viewers, even if called already and ask them why they have not booked a viewing?

  4. Mystery shop your current agent and ask about your own house, how are they dealing with it? Mystery shop another agent to see how they deal with their properties, maybe time to change agents?


We hope that these ideas and suggestions help you whilst your looking at selling, however if you would like any more information on any of the above or indeed any help, then get in touch and we will be more than happy to help and advise. Click here to receive an email with our FREE top 6 tips to selling guide.

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