6 Selling Tips

If you are thinking or currently trying to sell your home, then check out our guide for selling your home below;

  1. Curb appeal – what does your house look like from the outside? This is the first thing that the potential buyer will see, so it needs to be attractive and appealing, making the potential buyer want to see the inside

  2. Foot through the door – what is the first impression of the inside of your home like? If you are going to do anything to your home to improve its saleability, then here is the best place to start! Potential buyers will know if they are interested in your home as soon as they enter. Ensure its as light, airy and welcoming as possible

  3. Best Feature – what is the best feature of your home? Why did you buy your home? Focus on this so that potential buyers will also see it as the reason that they will buy your home

  4. De-clutter – you only have one chance of making a first impression, so make it count!! Potential buyers will normally view a few properties before deciding to second view or make an offer. Ensure that your home is on people minds for the right reasons and not for being the house with loads of clutter

  5. Smells good – a classic tip but a really important one; make sure that whilst your home is on the market that you have access to scented candles, filter coffee, bread to bake etc. Don’t be the seller who has to make excuses before entering a room .. “sorry this is my teenage sons room; you know what they are like”. Buyers can decide in that moment that it’s not the home for them

  6. TOP TIP - think like a buyer – whilst preparing your home for sale, look at it from the potential viewers / buyers point of view. What are the positive points and try to make these stand out. Promote the positive! What could put them off? Could this be rectified beforehand with some D.I.Y.? 

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