How lockdown has changed homehunters’ priorities:

How lockdown has changed homehunters’ priorities: image

With the housing market being back open for business,

are buyers & renters re-evaluating their wish list criteria?



During the course of the lockdown we have seen many of our potential new tenants and buyers

contact us to change or amend their wish list criteria.

The great news is that most of our mailing list have continued to search for a new home and will do so until they find somewhere, in other words they have not been put off by the corona virus. Plans to move have obviously been effected by the pandemic however the intent is still there to view occupied properties when they can.

Unsurprisingly, due to Covid-19 and working from home, a top wish list request is an office or space to work from home. Another criteria is close proximity to family and friends.

We beleive the increase in these two priorites has come from

people learning that they can in fact work from home and like working from home and also will continue to do so.


So currently, we are looking for more properties what offer the home office solution so that we can try to start satisfying the increased demand, please get in touch with us to see if your home matches the requirements?




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