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We thought the best way to start the new year off by writing out to all landlords, firstly to wish you all a happy new year.


We hope that 2019 will be prosperous for you and that we can continue to work with you. Secondly, we want to give you some helpful information, please read through as there are some clickable links that will provide us with vital information to help improve further;


We have been working hard in the back ground of SA Property to make sure that the customer experience with us is second to none. As such we have been developing a few different ideas and procedures to ensure that not only is your journey with us as stress free as possible but also a compliant and legal one.


1. Did you know that we have a “Vendor Area” for adding property info, checking invoices, reporting problems, checking the status’ of maintenance jobs or work orders and also documentation uploading and holding.

(We are keen to know, how many of our landlords are using this facility and/or how many landlords would be interested in using this facility)


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2. We are planning on reviewing what paperwork/terms and conditions / I.D. for landlords that we currently hold and what we need to have to be compliant.

We are thinking to review and renew this annually, giving us the chance to ensure that anything that is outstanding is collected prior to renewing this paperwork. We would ask that you then send this paperwork to us via the “Vendor Area”, email or bring into the office. We will be in contact with landlords to request anything that is outstanding and / or to renew paperwork.


3. We are working on our out of office hours service;

We have implemented a new phone system, to help with our of office hours service/maintenance reporting / general contact. We check emails regularly and important ones are responded to, viewing requests etc are left until the office is open. We have adapted our website for tenants to be able to report any issues and we are available via email and phone for out of office hours issues (we will respond when we can).

Tenants have been instructed to contact SA Property regarding ANY maintenance and we now ask the same of our landlords. If you are aware of any issues at any of your properties, that we may not know about, we ask that you report the maintenance issue either via the vendor area, report a maintenance issue on our website or by emailing us. You can call us but we will be asking for all issues to be raised in writing to avoid any confusion.

It may also be necessary for us to instruct a contractor to carry out work out of office hours, and we may not necessarily have the opportunity to raise this with the landlord. We take the greatest care to ensure that if this is the case, we make the property safe/useable until we are back within working hours and can contact the landlord to proceed further.


4. We are looking to increase our landlord portfolio;

We will pay commission to our current landlords to introduce us to new landlords. It’s a bit like being an estate agent yourself, you find us the properties/landlords and we pay you for it.


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